The Core Fine Art Grand Opening

The Core Fine Art pioneers a new era of art exhibitions with pop-up showcases in unconventional spaces. From studio warehouses to members clubs, these exhibitions defy the traditional boundaries of white-wall gallery spaces, inviting diverse audiences to experience art in unexpected and thought-provoking ways.

With hundreds of guests in attendance, The Core Fine Art hosted its inaugural pop-up exhibition from February 29 – March 5, 2024, at Studio Eleven43 in Hollywood, featuring works from artists Emmanuel Fillion, Sebastien Courty, Jonas Leriche, Reka Nyari, Mareo Rodriguez and O’Gringo, with live beats from DJ Greg Cerrone and support from NightBird Studios and Zomoz Mezcal. 

Leveraging the expansive floor-to-ceiling steel sash windows and the cyclorama wall at Studio Eleven43, many of the artworks were suspended from the ceiling, offering a distinctive approach to installation and visual representation.