Anne-Charlotte Saliba, born in 1985 in France, is a contemporary paper sculptor whose journey with the material began during her studies in applied arts with a focus on environmental design. She found that paper allowed her to experiment and bring her ideas to life.

Her artistic vision is deeply influenced by nature, drawing from its abyssal depths as well as its vegetal and mineral forms. Her sculptures feature a dynamic interplay of smooth and textured surfaces on the same sheet of paper. Through a meticulous process of perforations, incisions, and punches, she manipulates the paper's elasticity to create topographic reliefs. Her work involves a controlled wandering of dotted lines, scales, and bumps, guided by the movement of her hand. The result is a harmonious blend of free-flowing and carefully planned elements, allowing for spontaneity and deviation from set patterns.

She has been showcased in various publications, partnering with brands such as Ruinart, Bonalgue Pomeral, Courvoisier, and Dior. In 2020, she received the prestigious "Jeune Creation de Métiers d’Art'' prize.