Le Jardin

Le Jardin

Photography - Punctured Ink
Estimated Value
Hand-Punctured photography on archival pigments fine art paper prints
Available Sizes
142.2 x 203.2 cm | 56 x 80 (framed)
Available Sizes
Edition 1/7 + 2 AP
Special Note
Available in different sizes - on request
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PUNCTURED INK, displays the healing power of nature, and the connection it has to the human body and soul. With this series, Reka Nyari started perforating botanical-like references into the surface of each image (thus making each piece unique). She was inspired by a long history of tribal scarification which signified a right of passage, permitting the individual to transcend their past traumas and transform their evolved selves. The botanic shapes, ferns, and flowers are influenced by the wild landscape of the Vietnamese jungle and by the belief that nature truly is our most important teacher and healer.



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