Woman in Veil "Black Marble"

Woman in Veil "Black Marble"

Estimated Value
belgian black marble oiled
Available Sizes
133 × 25.4 × 25.4 cm | 52 × 10 × 10 in
Available Sizes
Special Note
available in different sizes on request
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Woman in Veil marble black sculpture emanates a sense of timeless beauty and ethereal grace. The pristine black marble, meticulously sculpted, lends an air of purity and sophistication to the artwork. The veil, delicately draped over her features, adds an element of mystery and softens the contours, creating a poetic and elegant impression. Emmanuel Fillion has captured the essence of femininity, with the subject exuding a serene and contemplative aura. The contrast between the smooth marble and the intricately carved veil imparts a tactile and visual richness, inviting observers to appreciate the fine craftsmanship and the emotive resonance of the sculpture. This evocative piece invites viewers to reflect upon the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability, encapsulated in the artistry of the veiled woman.



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